Identify burglars and robbers with CCTV image enhancement

In many cases, the camera quality of CCTV security cameras in stores, shops, houses, and companies is too low for identification. And after an incident, you would really like to give the police some valuable images of this burglar or robber to increase the chance this individual gets caught.

Although the police has also access to this software it is not so easy to use for them as they are restricted by many bureaucratic hurdles and then there are also some privacy laws. With our application, you can easily enhance those CCTV images and hand them over to the authorities.

Low-quality images or images with the subject too far away or with low pixels are just very hard to process by the police. In many cases, this will result in an unsolved case. If the police doesn’t know who they are looking for that is mostly the end of the investigation. Especially with many cases with a better scope of success piling up every day.

How does is work to enhance the security camera image? The best way is to go to your source video file and select the best frame /shot of the suspect. If you have a video editing program like Imovie, Premiere of Final Cut X you export that exact frame as a JPG or PNG or GIF. All those formats are supported in our app. If you do not have a video-editing program you can just open the video and stop it when you see the suspect best and then take the screenshot. You can upload that screenshot. Our image enhancement app will auto-detect the face in this image.