How to upgrade low quality portrait images

How to upgrade low quality portrait images?

One of the main issues with identifying suspects on CCTV footage is that the image quality is too low for identification.

What causes this problem?
There are several causes why your security camera system produces low image quality. Here are a few main causes:
1. Camera resolution too low
2. Motion blur (when suspects are moving fast)
3. Camera angle to suspect too steep
4. Camera too far away.
5. Low light conditions
All of these causes are very common and in many cases, this will be the cause that the police cannot start an investigation.
How to solve this problem?
First of all, start at the source and make source you have adequate equipment installed the right way.  Then in second place, there is recent technology to enhance images really easily with artificial intelligence. One of those services is found on and is free to use. Within 30 to 60 seconds the app on this website can upgrade your security footage easily.
Better than Photoshop?
Some people would argue that Photoshop also does a good job. That is true with medium-quality images but not with low quality. And enhancing images in Photoshop takes a lot of time and you have to know your way in this program. The AI solution of improves your CCTV image instantly.
Who is behind
A group of researchers in computer vision that is eager to solve problems with a social impact.
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