Enhancement API

For companies who like to incorporate our technology we offer an easy and fast API. Our image enhancement API is easy to integrate with just a few steps. Depending on the workload and desired speed we can customize the performance from on image per 30 seconds to 30 images per second. 

For our image enhancement service via the API we offer a pay as you go model. Pricing is depending on calls per hour and desired speed. Our services run on AWS EC2 and are easy scalable. We also offer security options offered by Amazon AWS.

This API can be a real upgrade for your customers if you are running a CCTV platform, security firm or for law enforcement agencies. Also integrations in videosurveillance systems is possible.

If you like more information about the possibilities of our API please send an email to info@istanto.net or call +31654362331 (Netherlands)

Frequently asked questions

About the Deep Learning models

How do we evaluate the reconstruction accuracy?

This remains difficult with real world images as the verifying source image is obviously not present. Therefore we output result from several models. Its then up to the user to choose which fits best.

What are the future developments to increase reconstruction accuracy?

We are constantly reviewing new studies in computer vision to stay on top of the latest technology in the field of image restoration and optimization. We are working on more than one approach to present a certain accuracy with each output result. 

One  alternative could be to use a downstream vision task e.g. face recognition, to optimize the super-resolution model. But that requires a clients database access where we will face privacy restrictions.

About the manual editing of images

How do you maintain reconstruction accuracy while manually editing the image?

As stated above. Our users have to determine what output fits there need best. Based on that result we edit the image manually. In general no facial structures are added manually. Mostly superficial modifications like skin structure, hair, sharpness, brightness, colorization, etcetera.

How can we be involved in the editing process?

In an expert workflow there is the option to review stages of results.

Do you also restore video files?

We currently do not offer to restore video files. However, we can assist in frame extraction for the best results for restoring your images.

About the legal side of image restoration for law enforcement

Is a restored image legal evidence?

Write the answer to the question here. This way, your visitors can easily pick the questions that matter to them, without being distracted by loads of text from the FAQ.

What privacy laws are applicable on restored images?

Countries have different privacy laws, therefore we cannot answer this question. To determine the privacy laws applicable in your country its important to know that a restored image contains new pixels (data) dat have been added by our software that are not present in the source image.

Is there a proven accuracy available?

At this point not. However we aim to offer only "state of the art" technology in the field of image restoration with deep learning models.

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